Becoming an Edupreneur

Are you ready to ditch the overwhelm and confusion that comes with trying to DIY your education-based business, project or nonprofit? 

 This masterclass is going to take you through the four main branches of what it takes to become an edupreneur of purpose so you can start off your journey on a solid and profitable foundation. 

With Deborah Osomo

When: August 4th - 6th, 2022 at 9am EST

Where: (WebinarJam: Link will be provided via email!)

Why: Because it's time to stop DIY-ing your business!


Registration is limited!

When I think back to the first time I began serving others through my business... I cringe. Hard. I knew nothing about building a business to sustain and to be profitable. My strategy was a DIY puzzle and It didn't feel great.

So I devoted hours to learning from some of the best coaches in the business world today Today, but mostly from failed experiences. Now, I've been able to successfully coach educators many of which have their own desire to have businesses of their own.

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This class is for you if...

  • You are an educator looking to build a sustainable education-based business or nonprofit.
  • You are a new edupreneur and you are tired of DIY-ing your business journey.
  • You are an educator looking to expand your professional expertise, growth and impact through entrepreneurship.
  • You are ready to develop the tools and strategies you need for a profitable secondary income source.

You deserve to have the tools you need to succeed!


Dressing the Part

You will want to start building an education-based business that caters to your expertise and experience. I'll show you where to begin.

Speaking Confidently

It is hard to build confidence when you are unsure of yourself. I'll teach you how certain leadership skills can transform your mindset.

Building Your Foundation

The most important piece to a profitable & sustainable business is a solid foundation. I'll show you how to build it up.

Knowing Your Audience

Your EDU business can only make a difference when you know who you are targeting and why. I'll show you what will keep you on track.

Unlimited Q&As

In this masterclass, you're going to have in-built opportunities to ask questions through a live Q/A brainstorming phase.

VIP Handout

In this masterclass, you are going to have your own copy of the VIP Handout that will guide you throughout the entire class.

48hour Access

You don't need an upgrade, when you already have access! You'll be granted a 48hour replay option unless you opt for our bonus feature!

In-House Audit

In this masterclass, you will have the priviledge of signing up for a live or future audit from Deborah for any part of your business or social media venture.

Not sure you are ready for this? I've got a story for you...

I remember when I began seeing the larger need to support educators who are afraid to or needing guidance for their entrepreneurship journey.

 I'd gotten to a point in my business where I had learned and grown from foundational mistakes that had kept me from true growth and felt comfortable enough to share my finds with other edupreneurs.

I remember when I met one of the very first edupreneurs I supported, Lobna Tarek. She had once told me, "Deborah, I'm too shy! I want to grow my business, but I don't have the confidence."

I had a chat with her and said, "Let's change that!"

We set a bi-weekly coffee date: one hour a week totally devoted to building her confidence and refining her current business strategy. 

After a month and a half, she had built up the confidence she needed to approach brands, other educators and bravely step into her love for EdTech.

After three months, she didn't need my help anymore. Today, she's become an an ambassador, doubled her following and paid EdTech rep for more than 3 platforms continously and she's still growing! 

If Lobna could do this, I know you can, too. I've seen what gets results—and I'd love to share it with you.

So... are you in?